Writing is one of the essential subjects in the public school system

Writing is one of the essential subjects in the public school system. If a child falls behind in writing, you’ll quickly see them fall behind in other subjects. This also raises their risk of being held back a grade level. An estimated 10 to 30 percent of children struggle with writing. Is your child in this percentage? If so, then they’re certainly not alone.

Because many children struggle with writing well, there are many great resources out there to help them improve. To help your kid learn to write, continue reading below. Here are several tips to teach writing to your little one!

Read Each Night
Reading is directly connected with writing. When your child learns to read well, they’ll begin to write better also. Reading will help expand your child’s vocabulary and present your child with visual examples of how to write.

It’s ideal to read to your child every evening after work and school. While reading to them, make sure they can see the pages and follow along. If you come across a word they don’t know, stop and explain it to them.

Practice Writing Letters
For the littlest ones, you can practice writing letters at home. This is a great first step for learning how to write and you can start practicing this in their early years (one to three). To help them practice writing letters, you can use a permanent marker on a sheet of paper and write out the alphabet.

Your little one can then practice tracing the letters. Eventually, move on to small words (your child’s name, cat, dog, and more!) and small sentences.

Make Writing Fun
If writing feels like a punishment or task, then your child might not feel so excited about it. You don’t want this to happen. Instead, try to make writing fun, so your child sees it as an exciting activity.

You can use a whiteboard, which is more fun than paper, and connect the interests of your child to their writing. For example, if your child loves dogs, then you can give them a writing prompt about dogs.
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Provide a Diary or Journal
Writing in a diary or daily journal is a great way to practice writing in a more relaxed environment. To encourage diary entries or journaling, provide your child with a diary or journal of their own. Show them how to make entries in their new journal and give them the freedom to write whatever they’d like in it.

It’s also a good idea to let your child pick out their own journal so they feel more included in this decision and have something they enjoy.

Know Your Resources
Thankfully, there are many wonderful resources out there for you to utilize. Download practice sheets and paper for handwriting and print them out for your child to use. You can even incorporate technology by downloading apps geared towards teaching children how to read and write.

When they see it as a game, they’ll feel more inclined to try it out!

Let’s Help Your Little One Learn to Write
You can help your little one learn to write with these easy steps! Remember to stay patient and consistent. If more help is needed, then you can always contact your child’s school for a list of more helpful resources available to you.

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