What Should I Do After Pass My Matric Exam?

After passing the matric annual exam the students often feel confused about the field they can pursue further studies. If you are also worried about what you should do after matric then we have got you covered. Here we have provided the list of courses that you can opt for further studies. The students can take admission in medical, engineering, arts, computer science, general science, and various other courses. The students that have been seeking guidance from career counseling can check the information available on this platform

As soon as the matric result 2022 will be announced the students have to choose the field for the future. So before taking any decision have the look on all the details available regarding the various courses after the matric and choose wisely. 

matric result 2022

FSc Pre-medical:

                             After the completion of matric, the students can take admission to the FSc pre-medical. No doubt it is among the most preferred field for further studies. The students can get enrolled in the MBBS, BDS, and DPT depending on their interests and the marks obtained in the annual exams of matric. The students can also do the nursing course and do bachelor’s studies in various fields such as eye field, hearing field, and speech therapy field. It is notified to the students that after the completion of MBBS and BDS degrees they can also do the specialization. After the declaration of the result of the matric 2022 Lahore board, the students can check the admission schedule issued by the various medical and dental colleges. 

FSc Pre-engineering:

                                    After the matriculation, the students can opt for the field of engineering. This career offers huge scope to the students. The students can take the admission in the electrical engineering, software or hardware engineering, mechanical or textile engineering, and many other domains such as chemical or computer science engineering, and civil aviation engineering. After the completion of the degree, the students can get the jobs offered by the government and private sector. As soon as a result of the matric 2022 Bahawalpur board and other educational boards will be announced the students can get admission to the FSc pre-engineering. 


        ICS stands for Intermediate in Computer Science. The students that are interested in the computer fields can choose the computer science after matric. In ICS the students have to study compulsory subjects such as computers, Physics or Statistics, and Math. The students interested in the IT field, Programming of Computer can choose this domain after the matriculation exam. Moreover, after the completion of matric, the students can also do the BCS to get better job opportunities. 


            I.Com stands for Intermediate in commerce and is the best field for the students that want to opt for the subject of the art. The students that want to become a businessman or are interested to join the accounts-related fields can choose the I.Com after the matric. The students that have done the matric with arts or matric with science can take the admission to the I.Com. In this degree program, the students can study the compulsory subjects such as Principal of Accounting, Principals of Commerce and Business Math or Business Statistics. After the completion of I.Com, the students can go for a business management subject or art subject. 

result of the matric 2022 Lahore board


       The students that have done the matric with arts subject and are not interested to do the I.Com can also take the admission in theIntermediate in Arts. FA is the Intermediate level degree that the students can pursue. Many students think that the art fields do not offer the best career opportunities however this is not correct at all. The students after doing the arts degree can get the best jobs.

Diploma Courses:

                               Besides the above-mentioned courses that the students can choose after matriculation, there is a wide range of other diploma courses that the students can choose. There are many courses that the students can do to earn the money. The duration of the diploma courses is relatively shorter as compared to the other courses. There is the board of Technical education of all the provinces of Pakistan that announces the admission after the matric in various fields such as Electrical technology, Telecommunication technology, Mechanical technology, Chemical technology, Civil technology, Computer hardware technology, Biomedical technology, Die technology, Mold technology, Instrument technology, and Petroleum technology.

Medical Courses:

                              There is another option for matric students after the completion of the degree program that they can choose the medical courses. There are some specified courses that the students can choose after matric. Some of the courses are Dispenser, Pharmacy, Nursing Course, Medical Technician Course, and OTA Technician.


                     Students are generally perplexed after the matric exam that what they can do next. The students usually do what their parents refer to as this is our social standard. But the students should choose the field wisely as it is a matter of their career. 

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