Matriculation is an important achievement in a student’s academic career. After passing the exam, the students must choose subjects for their intermediate or equivalent studies. Students can choose from a variety of professional alternatives. It is a critical time for students to seek guidance as the disciplines they choose will determine their future careers.

After the matric class result 2022, students should start planning their subjects for the intermediate studies. There is a wide range of disciplines from which to choose after matric. This is the time to think about your interests and the field you would like to invest yourself in. You should wisely choose the subjects you would like to have a future in, as it will impact your whole educational career. Let us share some of the major subjects that you can select after completing your matriculation.

matric result 2022

Intermediate in Pre-Medical

After matriculation, the most recognized and sought-after field is intermediate in pre-medical. The two-year studies in Pre-Medical revolve around the subjects related to health and medical sciences. It helps a candidate prepare for a further career in health sciences. However, the competition for getting admission in intermediate pre-medical is strong and the highest among all disciplines.

Apart from the MBBS degree, there are now a variety of other medical fields that have a professional scope. You should think about pre-medical studies if you are interested in working for healthcare systems. The intermediate level in pre-medical is certainly interesting, but it also necessitates dedication. There are a variety of universities offering medical and related disciplines at national and international levels. The elective subjects included in the Pre-Medical are Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Intermediate in Pre-Engineering

If you have a keen interest in mathematics and feel like investing your career in developing something different and new, an intermediate degree in pre-engineering is the best option for you. It is the second most selected subject in intermediate. The result of matric 2022 Sargodha board play an essential role as admission in pre-engineering requires a high merit.

The students are encouraged to adopt Pre-engineering as it includes a variety of career opportunities. There are a number of colleges and universities that offer degrees for students who achieve a good score. The competition for intermediate pre-engineering is also very high and requires an entry test for admission as well. The entry test is mandatory for every individual who wants to seek admission in engineering. The pre-engineering electives include Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Intermediate in Computer Sciences

Apart from the doctor and engineer races, there is an opportunity for students who are interested in technology. An intermediate degree in computer studies is the best option for students who would like to become computer scientists and work in the field of technology. The world of technology is flourishing rapidly, especially within the past few years.

Everything has moved towards technology, and the future is considered to be of technology and its products. The career opportunities for students of computer sciences have also increased. It is a time when the world is recognizing people other than the medical and engineering fields. It has without a doubt become one of the most competitive degrees with a fruitful career. It can lead to a career as a web developer, a game developer, an IT expert, or an SEO expert.

Intermediate in Commerce

If you are looking forward to a career as a business associate or in banking than you should enroll for intermediate in Commerce. It is a less competitive study than the above-mentioned. But the career opportunities are diverse and can help students with a variety of business startups. It will also benefit candidates who wish to pursue banking and finance studies after completing their intermediate. After the successful completion of matriculation, you can admit yourself to the intermediate in Commerce.

Intermediate in Arts

Intermediate in Arts is another option for students who are interested in arts and crafts. The studies are less tough than the other options. It is believed that intermediate in arts does not have a good scope and is considered a less likely field of study. But the scope of any of the fields is attained through the hard work of every individual. Students who are not interested in sciences or who require a simple intermediate level of study should take advantage of the opportunity to do an intermediate in the arts. There are different options to enhance your career after doing an intermediate in arts. When the results of all the boards will be declared including the result of matric 2022 DG Khan Board, you should start applying for different colleges. This article will help you deciding what type of subjects you are interested in and will be able to build a career. Students should keep in mind that they should research on all types of opportunities available after the matriculation. And should choose a program that will more likely to suit their likes and interests.

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