Winter is a festive time and it’s important to remember that weddings are an exciting celebration time for families. Customary norms of typical Indian weddings may differ from religion to religion and state to state, and you should consult with relatives and your wedding planner for local customs.

The following tips from Wedding Choreographer in Mayapuri can help make your winter wedding celebration in India memorable:

Wear traditional clothes

You can wear beautiful saris or kurtas at the reception rather than the customary evening gowns. Ensure you maintain decorum while wearing bright colors in winter; avoid reds and pinks that might look garish against the cold backdrop. While planning your wardrobe, keep track of weather reports so that you’re well-dressed for the wedding day and festive events.

Decorate with seasonal flowers

There are many winter blooms available in India such as jasmine, roses, orchids, and lilies. These make for fragrant and beautiful decorations that can brighten up any event. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider decorating with strings of lights and candles to create a warm atmosphere.

Makeup: Go with hydrating makeup

In winter, the skin is often dry and pale. So, you might want to experiment with heavier makeup than usual to bring out your features. Warmer shades like golds and bronzes also look good in photographs taken during winter weddings.

Entertainment: Add some sparkle

Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to add some extra sparkle and magic. Why not hire a wedding dance choreographer in Delhi to get the party going? If you’re having a cozy wedding at home, there are plenty of options for entertainment. You can go in for dance performances or play fun games like Newlywed Game. You might even want to make your own wedding video instead of hiring professional entertainment – it’ll be worth looking back on in years to come!

Plan a winter menu

Indian cuisine is perfect for winter weddings—think lots of spicy, hearty dishes that will warm you up from the inside. The colder months are a great time to serve traditional Indian dishes like Rajma (kidney beans curry), Achari Baingan (eggplant cooked in pickling spices), and Malai Kofta (vegetable dumplings in a creamy sauce). You can also serve Indian delicacies such as Ras Malai (a sweetened creamy cheese dessert), or halwa. You could also serve traditional Christmas fares such as plum pudding or cake. If you’re having a buffet, be sure to have a variety of dishes to cater to different tastes.

Know your wedding photographer

This is extremely important and must be decided before the wedding so you can choose photographs that suit the season and weather. Ensure you hire a professional who understands how to work in cold conditions and will take good shots of all your ceremonies. Take time to discuss with them their style, types of equipment they use, how long they need to capture moments, etc.

Throw a party for your friends and family

A fun way to celebrate winter weddings is to throw parties where everyone is encouraged to dress up according to the theme – like retro style, Bollywood, etc.! You could also hire indoor venues which include an open bar, dance floor, and festive décor. This will make your winter wedding celebration even more special and memorable.

Wedding Couple Dance

When planning for your wedding couple dance, then it is important to consider the Wedding Choreographer in Saket who can help you to rehearse at the comfort of your home during winters. You can choose the most comfortable time for practice. Suggest your favorite songs and let the choreographer help you learn every step on the beats for your best couple dance performance.

If you follow these tips, your winter wedding will be a truly magical experience. Weddings are always joyous occasions, but they can be even more special when celebrated during the winter season.

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