The Blockchain Technology that is Slowly Growing Industry

When Blockchain technology was introduced, it was to keep track of cryptocurrency – bitcoin. However, over the years, it is seen that blockchain has spread its wings and is slowly showing its presence almost everywhere – whether in healthcare, banking services, real estate, supply chain, manufacturing, and or even digitizing land records.

And with technology moving so fast, the day is not far when organizations will start advertising heavily for both certified blockchain developers and business blockchain specialists to oversee and work on the technology. But before we go into such details about blockchain specialists and developers, shouldn’t we revisit what is blockchain technology and how will it help businesses all over the world.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

So what is blockchain technology? Well, blockchain technology is nothing but an open digital ledger that records and manages transactions. Each transaction is recorded as a block with details of a transaction, timestamp, and a link to the previous block thus forming a chain of sorts and earning a name blockchain. Since it is an open ledger there is no way one can manipulate the data ensuring that is safe from hackers and data theft.

So now we have revisited what is blockchain technology, let’s understand why the blockchain industry is gaining interest amongst various business houses – whether small or big?

Blockchain technology

Why Is the Blockchain Industry Gaining Interest Of Various Organizations?

Blockchain Industry is gaining positive acceptance amongst various organizations because of the four major reasons that are mentioned below.

  1. Lesser dependency on a centralized authority
  2. Transactions transparency
  3. No fear of Data tempering
  4. Encryption ensures the data is hack-proof

For these four major reasons more and more organizations are accepting blockchain technology with open arms and this is where certified blockchain developers and business blockchain specialists are required. So how do you ensure that you have the required qualifications to become a certified blockchain specialist. Let’s find out here.

Blockchain Certifications, Certified Blockchain Developer, And Business Blockchain Specialist

Certifications are third-party validation of your skills and qualifications ensuring the recruiters that you are dedicated to your role in the industry. But before we move towards certifications let’s have a look at what are the core skills of a blockchain expert or specialist and how certifications can enhance your chances of getting that coveted job or promotion in the industry.

Apart from hard core coding skills, the other skills you need to become a successful blockchain specialist is as follows-

  1. You need to have a thorough knowledge of Java, C++, and Ethereum’s Solidity, along with the knowledge of Python.
  2. You also need to have a deep understanding of financial services, payment processing, credit services, and cryptocurrencies.
  3. You also need to have some exposure to big data in whole and data science as a specialization

Once you are mastered these skills then you should go for blockchain certifications like Edureka, Coursera, CBC America, and Imarticus among others to secure yourself as a potential hire.

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