Swimming pool vs swim spa

It is popping up in more and more gardens: the swim spa. The smart bath is seen by a growing group of people as a practical alternative to the classic swimming pool with Lifeguard Class. You can read in this article what advantages a swim spa has to offer over a swimming pool.

Anyone who dreams of being able to swim laps in their own garden used to need a lot of space to realize this wish. With the arrival of the swim spa, that has changed. This compact bath offers all the advantages of a swimming pool, but with a lot less space.


Despite the fact that a swim spa is sometimes only a few meters long, you can swim endlessly in it. This gives you the feeling of swimming in a meter long Olympic competition pool. The trick lies in the powerful jets in the front. These provide a strong countercurrent that keeps you in place. The intensity of the jets is easy to turn up or down, so you can swim at any pace you want.


Since a swim spa is a lot smaller than an average swimming pool, you benefit from many other benefits. So much less water is needed. This makes the swim spa more durable and easier to maintain than a traditional swimming pool. In addition, it is easier to keep the water at the right temperature. If you move, you can easily move the swim spa with you, unlike a swimming pool.

Other conveniences

Many swim spas are a combination of a pool and a whirlpool. This gives you the opportunity to relax after a fanatical swimming session. The massage jets are the ultimate aftercare for tired muscles. The whirlpool is sometimes a completely separate part of the swim spa, allowing you to relax in water a few degrees warmer than the swimming area.

Finally, in a swim spa, everything is integrated. You no longer need to purchase a heat pump or filter installation; that are standard swim spa technology. This makes the swim spa usable in every season.

take a step back

That probably doesn’t sound like the tip you wanted to hear! For example, if you want better stamina to run longer and faster, you probably tend to go the extra mile during your workouts. Then you can, but don’t do that by walking faster right away. You will then also ‘burn out’ faster. Start your training at a pace that feels comfortable and where you feel you can sustain it for a long time. In this way you save energy, which comes in handy when you drive some extra kilometers.

Mental tips to keep going

Improving your stamina requires a lot from you not only physically, but also mentally. By continuing to encourage yourself, you will be able to improve your fitness more easily. A good tip is to divide your training session into separate parts in your head. That 20-kilometer-long run is suddenly easier to comprehend if you keep telling yourself that it is four times five kilometers! So when exercising, don’t think too far ahead, but instead focus on where you are and how you feel right now.

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