Smart Ways to Boost Your Sales through Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram are betting that social media users will not only scroll through their feeds but also empty their wallets, whether it’s you, your sister, or your cool uncle. With the social media giants’ dedicated shop features, eCommerce sellers must invest in Facebook ads to reach untapped audiences more than ever. On their Facebook ads, all Deliverr sellers can display the 2-day and Next Day badges. On average, Deliverr pilot merchants saved 50% on Facebook Cost-Per-Action for 2-day and more than 62 percent on Next Day advertisements.

How should you enhance your Facebook ads to maximize their effectiveness? We’ve compiled this handy guide for you after interviewing some top performing 8 and 9-figure sellers and ad experts!

Step 1: Make Sure You Track These Numbers Before You Start

Maintain these metrics in a Google spreadsheet. The number of clicks on a link or advertisement per number of impressions is defined as the click-through rate (CTR). Use this to determine the effectiveness of your messaging on a single ad. For example, if ad A has a CTR of 4% and ad B has a CTR of 2%, ad A appears more convincing to potential

Cost-per-action (CPA): The cost of completing an action such as a view, lead, or sale. For instance, if you spent $150 on a campaign and received 5 sales, your CPA is $30. This figure is used to assess the overall effectiveness of a campaign.

Return on ad spends (ROAS): This is your revenue divided by the cost of advertising. This metric indicates how much revenue you receive for each dollar spent on advertising. On a campaign level, this metric tells you how well the campaign is performing. Make sure to benchmark this figure and base it on your own trends. A good ROAS for one business may not be the same as a ROAS for another!

Pay less attention to

  • Likes
  • Follower’s
  • Relevance ratings

Don’t get caught up in the trap of measuring only likes and followers! They do not inform you of actual ad engagement, and anyone can buy followers these days. Relevance scores indicate how closely an ad set relates to the demographic of your target audience, but they do not indicate the quality of your ad creative or copy.

Step 2: Develop a large, organic following.

Although not strictly necessary for sales, it never hurts to launch a few brand awareness campaigns to increase your social media clout! Never buy followers or likes; instead, grow them organically so you can work with real people. We’ll be learning from a brand called Hey Dude Shoes, which went from zero to eight figures with a killer marketing strategy, for some of these examples.

Make giveaway contests that are relevant to your customers’ lives. Would you like to win $10,000 to travel the world? Take a page from the playbook of the 8-figure brand Hey Dude Shoes and go the giveaway route. Hey Dude Shoes Digital Marketing Manager Steven Yu amassed more than 145k followers on Instagram and more than 220k followers and likes on the shoe brand’s Facebook page through organic efforts such as social media contests.

Consider the giveaway carefully. Instead of giving away a few of your products for free, think outside the box. Consider the buyer’s lifestyle instead. If you can’t afford $10,000, group a few items together to form a lifestyle package.

A face cream company, for example, could provide free spa sessions. As stay-at-home mothers are likely to purchase the product, a toy company could curate a box of games plus a free kitchen category item.

Whatever it is, the giveaway should make the potential buyer ecstatic! If you’re on a tight budget, try a few smaller giveaways first, and then go big with the one that converts the best.

Establish a Referral or Ambassador Programme.

Any successful brand ambassador and referral programs are popular for a reason. Who wouldn’t want their student loans paid off by a company? That’s why Hey Dude Shoes launched a college ambassador program in which the top two winners who sell the most products each receive a $25k prize. The earning potential increases the number of ambassador “super fans.” Even if they don’t use your product, the prize may be appealing enough that they will tell their friends about it. That’s extra time and effort you won’t have to invest in your business to get these customers!

Don’t have enough money to make a large giveaway? Make certain that there is something in it for both the referrers and their friends. For example, the referrer may receive a buy one, get one free offer or a shoutout in an Instagram story, and each friend they refer receives a $15 discount.

Step 3: Convert, Convert and Convert

It’s time to zero in on the audience you’ve built through your brand awareness efforts. With a few pointers, you can reel them in and convert them at the point of social media discovery.

Make Your Ad Visually Appealing Right Away.

Given that Facebook is a hotbed of distraction, you’ll want to make sure your ad stands out and captures the customer’s attention. Use the Following Best Practices:

In your ad, use a person from your target demographic. It may seem obvious, but make sure they are expressive and happy! To capture the buyer’s attention, use a video that is less than a minute long. Videos convert better than images, but it’s a good idea to test both types of creatives. Display the product’s function, if applicable. If you’re selling a hair curler, for example, make sure it’s demonstrated on someone with luscious locks, with before and after results.

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