Say NO to Counterfeit Electronic Parts

Nowadays, the counterfeit industry is gaining more and more prominence. This is happening because of the steep competition in the market, and the average customer’s search for cheap goods.

Taking advantage of this trend in the market, a lot of manufacturers have now started using fake parts in electronic goods to cut down on production costs. This allows them to sell the finished products at lower prices and thus gives them a cutting edge in the steep and competitive market. However, when sourcing for electronic components, it is very important to be wary of fake parts.

Fake Electronic Parts are a Health Risk
Fake parts of electronic components are a huge health hazard. They are made of the poor quality material which can cause the main finished product to malfunction gravely. This can pose a serious threat. For example, in a lot of cases, the insulation on wirings can melt, causing the live wires to come in contact with each other. This can lead to short circuit which can eventually lead to fires, or small-scale explosions, depending on the device which has been made with such counterfeit parts.

When using fake batteries in cell phones, it can cause the batteries to melt inside the phone and eventually lead to the explosion of the phone. This poses a serious health risk to users, who may get injured from accidents such as these, which are essentially caused due to the use of fake electronic parts.

Why should you be wary of Fake Electronic Parts?
Not only should you be wary of buying fake electronic parts, but you should also be very wary of selling them. If you have a business that deals in electronic parts, you must always make sure that what you are selling is of good quality and is the actual original product. Sometimes, manufacturers will sell you the counterfeit product to make a profit, but it is up to you to make sure not to accept such bad quality product. This will not help to curb the counterfeit trade; it will also help to build trust with your customers.

A good way to ensure that the product that you are getting is genuine is to check for the seal of the manufacturing brand. In most cases, counterfeit products will not have a proper seal, which is a giveaway and can help you to spot counterfeit product. Checking the batch number and manufacturing date is also a good way to ensure that you are buying the original product.

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