Remote Assistance: 5 Tools to Help You

A large part of computer users does not master some problems and functionalities that operating systems present. They also have some difficulties in solving certain situations that occur when using computers, which is perfectly normal. Asking someone for help is a way to overcome these problems and it can be a friend, a colleague or even a specialized technician… and they don’t even need to move around the computer.

A simple way for you to help us or for us to help someone, in addition to other features, is to use Remote Assistance software. If you don’t know, today we are going to leave 5 great suggestions for top android rats.

More and more, technical support companies or people who have knowledge of remote assistance software, instead of going to the installations of the computer with problems or requesting it to be inspected in a specific assistance center, use tools that allow access to the machine remotely and solve remotely, without spending time and money on travel.

What Remote Assistance applications can we use?

There are many, many, some paid, some free, some more complete and complex and others more simple and popular. Today’s 5 are the ones that offer a little bit of everything in the right amounts.

1 – TeamViewer

This will be the most popular, not only for its very comprehensive offer but also for having a free modality for non-commercial use.

With TeamViewer, the user can have full access to any connected device and, through this connection, he will be able to provide assistance, namely, to configure a PC, solve specific problems, he can even use this tool to provide training and even use the meeting mode to make a videoconferencing with several people at the same time. The application allows you to share files, chat via text chat, you can use voice/video and it has a report where all the movements made are recorded.

This latest version brings many new features. A fresher, simpler interface, brings a more complete and intimate toolbar, simple for people to find the right tool. They optimized the version to consume less data and be more fluid. They supported the latest versions of operating systems. But there’s more, there are even a lot of good news in the mobile versions, where you can also install them and provide remote assistance.

2 – Aeroadmin

The first release of AeroAdmin was published in 2014. It is designed to be a lightweight alternative to common remote desktop software.

It is one of the best all-in-one software that allows complete remote control of your computer, including:

  • presence-free access,
  • simultaneous remote connections to and from a single computer,
  • file transfer and the ability to connect to an unlimited number of endpoints.

AeroAdmin is a portable application that does not require installation. Furthermore, this will allow remote users to get your support in seconds as no advanced configuration is required. Literally, no configuration is required. It works right away.

AeroAdmin license is FREE and includes remote connections fully encrypted by ID and direct IP address, unattended access, contact book, multi-monitor support, SOS button, screen recording, etc.

3 – Supremo

Supremo is one of the most complete simple and minimalistic remote access solutions. We can define Supremo as a free software, with remote access, that allows us to offer remote assistance to our customers and/or friends.

With only one executable file, very small, no installation required. With just a few clicks it is possible to offer – or receive – support via Supremo.

So what is the Supreme?

Supremo works through a powerful data transfer protocol that allows connecting to remote computers behind routers and firewalls without any configuration.

Supremo requires no installation or configuration and its connection is extremely secure thanks to built-in encryption.

4 – LogMeIn

This will probably be the most used solution at a professional level. It has over 3 billion users and has many years and experience. With this system, the user will be able to remotely access computers that have the LogMeIn software installed and have control over all resources present on that machine.

You’ll easily have access to anyone’s computers and files for instant collaboration. LogMeIn uses the LastPass service to store all accounts in a secure password service.

So what is LogMeIn?

Briefly, LogMeIn is a system that allows a user to remotely control their computer (or that of a third party), with Windows or Mac, as long as it is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

The simplicity of the system goes to the point that it is possible to carry out a remote access using any browser, desktop or mobile device with Android and iOS. It is enough, for that, to have its PC version installed so that LogMeIn can show the contents, run applications and control what is needed remotely.

With a simple and direct interface, the user can control the machine as if he were sitting in front of it and have indiscriminate access to its content, even being able to exercise editing capabilities.

5 – Kickidler

Kickidler is the new generation of employee monitoring software. Basically, the program has a powerful set of tools to increase employee effectiveness.

Kickidler’s toolset includes:

  • work time accounting,
  • analysis of employee effectiveness,
  • efficiency dynamics,
  • viewing an unlimited number of screens in real time
  • Video recording of actions on the computer from previous days.

In 2020, the program’s developers released an update called ” Autokick “, which allows to democratize the control of employees. These are automatic notifications and a self-monitoring interface.

Now the program itself will notify the employee if he has spent too much time reading the news and will also allow him to see the statistics of his own productivity. Furthermore, with the help of this functionality, the employee himself will be able to turn the Grabber-agent on and off from the program, which will allow him to use it on home computers.

EXTRA suggestions:

6 – AnyDesk

With the AnyDesk application you will have your PC with all your data and programs with you – always and everywhere. Were all important files backed up? Will it be possible to use your desktop PC software on your laptop too? What happens when someone steals your laptop with sensitive data? But do you really want to entrust your most important business secrets to cloud services? This service claims that the user will no longer worry about all that.

no speed limit

AnyDesk implements DeskRT an innovative video codec, which was specially developed for the transmission of image contents. In this way, AnyDesk claims to be ahead of all remote desktop and screensharing solutions available on the market in terms of speed and image quality.

The servers that support this solution rely on Erlang, a technology that was created especially for large, fail-safe telephone networks, which makes AnyDesk very reliable. Thus, our solution is always available when you need it.

no headaches

We believe that good software should increase your productivity. AnyDesk does its work in the background, without getting in your way. Working with CAD, editing videos or working leisurely with Office software for several hours is no problem with AnyDesk.

Despite this versatility, AnyDesk is surprisingly easy to use: all functions can be accessed with a few clicks in an easy-to-understand user interface. Try it. 

7 – showMyPC

An illustrious unknown to most people, but which brings good references from those who use it. ShowMyPC offers remote support and meetings to all users. The service includes premium access to the remote computer, desktop sharing, screen sharing, among other generic features. But there is one point that stands out here: this is a free tool and it also adds other paid features but at a low cost, using open technologies.

The company says that with remote PC access, ShowMyPC has revolutionized the way businesses operate by removing all geographic barriers, allowing companies to collaborate with their colleagues, customers and partners in real time, all using just a PC and the Internet connection. This application makes it possible for users to reach their computers at home or at work, basically there are no barriers and they can go anywhere to receive or provide remote support, schedule meetings, IT support and online conferences.

More productive and profitable

ShowMyPC offers a set of features to companies, making them more efficient. By allowing access to remote computers, ShowMyPC transforms the way businesses operate. Now an employee can collaborate with co-workers remotely via web conferencing. An online meeting can be scheduled without having to physically travel to the site. Sales presentations and demonstrations can be done using broadcasting and webinars. If a customer has a problem, solutions can be offered via the technology support mechanism, gaining remote access to the PC.

Best of all, there is no need for special training or training to install or use ShowMyPC on your system. The application and the surrounding system is reliable and secure. This is one more solution to consider. The cons of this tool is that everything pays, but for professionals it can be an advantage to have a tool with excellent performance.

7 – TightVNC

TightVNC is a free remote control tool. With TightVNC, the user can see what is happening on a remote desktop and control all available options, this includes controlling the keyboard, mouse and other peripherals.

TightVNC is free to use for both home and professional use and has all features fully available. It is a useful tool for managing a computer park, for providing technical support, for education and many other academic scenarios.

The richness of being open source and cross-platform

Undoubtedly, this tool wins over many competitors in the remote assistance market due to the attributes it presents to the user. It’s open source and cross-platform, which means it doesn’t pay anything and you can use it on your Windows, masOS or Linux. And more! It even includes a Java client. It is compatible with the VNC software standard and complies with the RFB protocol specifications.

With TightVNC, the user can:

  • Cut travel expenses and time to provide assistance or receive help;
  • Help friends and family solve computer problems remotely;
  • Control your computers when you are away from them and manage everything with the greatest security;
  • Have a remote assistance tool in your company without spending a euro.

It’s true that the interface isn’t as rich as the solutions we left before, but the price and robustness make it all worth it. Here’s the tip.

In the past, we had already left several suggestions here , this new compendium brings to light other tools but we will still increase the range of suggestions, given the immense offer existing in this segment. However, we count on your suggestion.

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