Reasons Why Essay Writing Service in the USA is Getting more Popular in the Past Decade

Essay writing is one such form of writing that students probably have to write throughout their academic lives. It all started with an essay on “My best friend” and it lasted till the law essay, psychology essays, and so on. Even though the basic format of essay writing remains the same still the complicacy level increases with time. The use of language, the necessity to write well-researched facts, the on-time delivery, and all other such criteria of essay writing make students want to run from writing an essay.

However; students cannot escape essay writing because it is an important part of academic life. This is why students buy Essay Writing Service in USA. In fact; this trend of buying essay writing services from online platforms is not only limited to the USA but students from across the world prefer this service. Nevertheless; it has become more popular in the USA over the last decade.

Reasons Why Essay Writing Service Has Become so Popular in the USA:

There always is a solid reason for a particular thing or service to trend in a specific country. The growth of online essay mills, where students can easily commission and purchase written assessment have fairly increased (Medway, 2018). Similarly, there are many reasons for the popularity of students buying essay-writing services in the USA, Essay Help in Pittsburgh, and so many other places. Let us discuss some such reasons in the following paragraphs:

1. Incompetent in English Writing:

One of the main reasons for students buying essay writing services from online platforms is their weak or poor English writing skills.  This condition is applicable to both; native as well as non-native speakers. The non-native speakers are already weak in English because it is their second langue which makes things even more difficult for them. In the case of native speakers; even though they are fluent in speaking English still when it comes to writing they lack some basic skills.

2. Lack of Time:

Students in today’s time have a lot to do. They are loaded with academic pressure including the oral as well as written tasks. Besides that; they have their own life to enjoy as well. So; sometimes they don’t get enough time to write an essay which is why they prefer to take help from an online platform.

3. Extremely Professional Writers:

The online sites that are offering their service of essay writing constitute extremely professional writers. These writers not only write exceptional content but also edit and proofread it for students as well. This is why students take this opportunity as this form of assistance guarantees those higher scores or grades.

4. Academic Pressure:

In my opinion; students are loaded with academic pressure in today’s time. They are given loads of tasks that they have to do at home including the preparation of slides, the presentation of projects, the preparation for exams, and the submission of writing projects. Just when students think they are done with the dissertation, another project is assigned to them (the dissertation help, 2021). Students cannot keep their heads absorbed in books throughout the day; this is why they opt for online essay writing services.

5. Easily Accessible:

Students can easily buy essay writing services from online platforms. They don’t have to go out of the way for this purpose. This is why the popularity of buying online essay writing services has increased even more especially in the USA.

6. Cheaper Rates:

The online writing services providers offer their services at quite cheaper rates. This is why; there is no difficulty for students to buy these services even when they are living on pocket money. Only some of the students do part-time jobs while the rest of them is still not in their earning phase even then it is not that difficult for them to buy these services due to their cheaper rates.

Some Popular Essay Writing Service Websites:

Now that we have already understood the reasons and the demand for online essay writing services so let us go through some of the best websites in the related field.

1. Master Essay Writers:

Master essay writers provide exceptional writing services that leave no scope for any sort of grammatical error or editing mistake. They strictly follow the format of the particular writing project and make sure to write quality content.  The kind of subjects in which they offer their writing assistance includes marketing essays, law essays, nursing essays, finance essays, philosophy essays, and linguistic essays. Following are some of the distinguished services that are offered by them:

  • Quality content.
  • Proofreading services
  • Editing services.
  • Submission within the given deadline.

2. Professional Essay Service:

It is one of the best essay writing service providers in the UK. Nevertheless; they offer their writing services all across the world. They constitute subject-matter experts and professional writers. Their content is unique and exceptional with no scope for any sort of plagiarism. The services that they provide include:

  • Coursework writing services.
  • Assignment writing services.
  • Essay writing services.
  • Academic writing services.
  • Persuasive essays.
  • College essays.
  • Custom essays.

3. Easy Research:

Finding exceptional writing content service providers at cheap rates is not that common in today’s time. But easy research makes it easier for students by offering quality content with plagiarism or editing errors at the most reasonable rates. The services that they offer include:

  • Assignment writing.
  • Academic writing.
  • Coursework writing.
  • Essay writing.
  • Homework writing,
  • Paper writing.


The trend of buying essay writing services from online platforms is increasing day by day, especially in the USA. There are many reasons for this sudden popularity over the last decade; we have mentioned some such reasons in the above post. Besides that; we have added the names of some of the best essay writing service providers. Hopefully, it will prove to be helpful for you guys.


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