Plan A Mini Tour of 7 Nights Umrah with Muslim Holy Travel

5 years ago, it was the time when I decided to perform Umrah as I graduated at that time and was free before hunting the job. I live in Manchester, UK with my family, and then suddenly we all decided to perform our religious duty. As Umrah can be performed at any time of the year and is less expensive than Hajj. Therefore, we decided to go for it. We were five people traveling so we had to plan our tour according to the budget and then we concluded with a 7 night’s stay in the Holy Lands of Makkah and Madinah.

It was my responsibility to look up the best and most credible travel agency and that’s when I came across Muslim Holy Travel. They were providing exclusively customized services unlike other tour operators and the prices were reasonable as well. After some thorough research, we finalized them and decided to book their 7 nights Umrah packages and we were not disappointed with our choice even once. They took great care of us throughout the 7-day period and we executed our all rituals with convenience without worrying about any other matters.

Customized 7 Nights Umrah Packages

We planned a mini-tour to the Holy Lands and it was such a fortunate opportunity. Muslim Holy Travel let us customize our package as we wanted to stay at our favorite hotel and they booked that for us. We selected a 4-star deal and it was fantastic and we didn’t even worry about anything. Their facilities included everything from transportation, and flights to accommodation and ziayarats and it was all at economical rates.

If you are also planning a mini-tour, it is highly recommended that you should choose the sacred lands of Makkah, and Madinah and Muslim Holy Travel will take you there. You will feel extremely blessed and purified from your past committed sins and misdeeds. Allah (SWT) will pardon you if you repent sincerely and will remove all your difficulties and hardships.

Muslim Holy Travel is ATOL Protected

Always choose a travel company wisely and look up their credibility. Muslims Holy Travel is a company that is ATOL protected therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything. Many travel companies take your money and they are not worth it but trust me I had a great experience when traveling with Muslim Holy Travel. They are reliable and provide you with each and everything you require.

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