Insure your (mobile) equipment properly

Compensation for damage to – or theft of – audio (visual) equipment differs greatly. This certainly applies to portable electronics, such as smartphones and laptops.

Audio and computer equipment

Most household insurance companies see audio and computer equipment as 1 category. Exceptions are ABN AMRO (sees audio and visual equipment as normal household effects), ANWB, FBTO Basis, Unigarant and ZLM. In addition, more and more providers have separate conditions for mobile equipment , see below.

fire damage

In the event of fire damage, the standard compensation for audio and visual equipment and computers is usually subject to a separate maximum. This standard compensation varies from €2500 (United Insurance) and €3000 (Klaverleaf Budget) to €200,000 (Lemonade) respectively. There is no separate maximum compensation for this type of damage at Centraal Beheer, FBTO, Interpolis and Ohra.

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Theft (burglary)

In the event of theft (burglary), the maximum reimbursement is sometimes even lower. With most insurers, the maximum amounts can be increased against payment of an extra premium, sometimes unlimited.

In the big cities

The Royal Klaverblad policy reimburses a maximum of €5,000 in the event of theft in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. In addition, in some districts there is an exclusion for theft from cellar boxes and cars. Univé uses a maximum reimbursement of €5,000 in each ‘major metropolitan area’.  

Mobile electronics

Smartphones, laptops and tablets are recognized loss items for home contents insurers. This type of mobile electronics increasingly has stripped-down coverage, which can be compared with ‘normal’ audio and computer equipment with AT&T Insurance.

Daily or new value

Allianz never reimburses the replacement value of mobile devices, but always the replacement value. With regular home contents insurance from ABN AMRO and ASR, you will never receive more than the current market value. The positive outlier is ING. In the event of covered damage, it reimburses the replacement value for no less than 10 years.

New value scheme

The other household insurance companies use the new-for-old value scheme. This means that you will receive the new value as long as the current value of the device is more than 40% of the new value. You will then receive the current value. How this is calculated can differ per insurer and the brand, type and purchase price of the device.

Calculation example new value scheme

Janey has home contents insurance with United Insurance and a smartphone from Samsung.

United Insurance uses the new-for-old scheme. That means that they will depreciate the smartphone by 2.77% in 36 months. For example, the current market value of her smartphone falls below the new value after 22 months. 

Until then, Janey will receive the New Earth if her smartphone is covered for damage. After that, only the daily value.

Additional deductible

In the event of fall and impact damage to mobile electronics, you have to deal with an additional deductible with the following home contents insurers:

  • Aegon (€250, unless the damage is repaired by Aegon Schade Service).
  • Aon (€100).
  • Hema (€50).
  • Shared (€50).
  • Cloverleaf (€150).
  • Lancyr (€150).
  • ZLM (€100).

Centraal Beheer and FBTO always use a different deductible of €100 and €150 respectively for specific all-risk claims.

Fall and impact damage in separate cover

All-risk damage (falls and bumps) to mobile electronics is no longer covered by the all-risk home contents insurance with the following providers:

  • Allianz Direct
  • ANWB
  • ASR
  • ditzo
  • the Goudse 
  • Hema
  • ING
  • inShared
  • Uniguarantee

Except with Allianz Direct, this can be insured as extra cover. See the table below.

Separate mobile electronics insurance

With Nationale-Nederlanden, no damage to mobile equipment is still covered. For this, Nationale-Nederlanden launched the Mobile Electronics Insurance on 1 April 2020. This separate insurance covers damage to electronics indoors and outdoors up to €7500 per event.

With ING’s Mobile Insurance (for smartphones and tablets) you are entitled to a repair or replacement within 24 hours. Also in case of fall or impact damage. The coverage is worldwide, but repair and replacement is only done in the Netherlands. The premium depends on the brand, model and the chosen cover.

Since 1 October 2021, Hema has had additional mobile electronics coverage. This means that mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, e-books, laptops and mobile game computers are insured worldwide for, among other things, fall and impact damage. This for a maximum of €5000 per event.

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