Industries using text to speech solutions for targeting a wider audience

Text to speech (TTS) is a great technology. It turns text-based data into spoken output that sounds like a human voice. TTS technology can be utilised in the call centre to create a personalised experience for clients without needing human employees. Text to speech software can deliver customised information to callers using an IVR system. It is commonly thought of as an inbound customer support tool and can also be utilised well for outbound programs. TTS enables businesses to employ ‘unattended outbound’ or ‘broadcast’ campaigns to communicate critical consumer information without using agent resources. Learn about the incredible benefits of text to speech in this post:


The demand for the text to speech solutions has been increasing in the market for the past few years. This technology attracts more business people to maximise their customer experience. You will get more flexible pricing alternatives and better cost management transparency when implementing the text to speech software. When compared with other solutions, this text to speech is highly cost-effective.

Accents and multi-languages 

When technology is about speech, you have to think about the language. The text-to-speech solution’s multi-language compatibility will make your customer care process easier by allowing for multi-language communication. There are a lot more people interested in connecting with your company all over the world. As a result, it is preferable to implement text to speech software in your company to cover the worldwide lexicon easily. It includes English, Hindi, and other Indian languages. It is a trend, and reaching a worldwide audience will soon become necessary for your company. With the text-to-speech solution, you can ensure that your multilingual website can be heard, allowing for improved consumer communication.

Voice quality

The quality of the voice plays an important role in the text to speech software. It is a waste of time if your customer does not understand the voice. Conversational interfaces are getting gradually more widespread. Users use speech to communicate with their devices, delegating tasks to them the same way they would to humans. If you utilise TTS to give your organisation a voice, customers will hear a near-human voice with an Indian accent. You have the ability to deliver a truly amazing and enjoyable customer experience. Businesses can utilise this text to speech synthesis technologies to enhance automation and efficiency when lowering operational costs and maximising customer service.

Campaign customization 

You can also enjoy the campaign customization advantage in the TTS solution. If you spend hours on end using an Indian text to speech converter, it should be as entertaining as possible. You can tailor the speech and voice modulation with a text to speech system based on the type of product or service and the nature of the campaign. The power to alter the pitch and tone of human voices is a game-changer for your company.

Boost IVR options

You are certainly familiar with interactive voice response technology if you run a business with a call centre or merely a phone line. Automated phone systems, which frequently consist of static menus, are generally disliked by customers. As a result, the text to speech software IVR feature will simplify your customer-contact process without depending on time-consuming and inefficient voice recordings. You can easily add recorded voice to the existing IVR script by implementing a text-to-speech system in your organisation. Customers will be able to select from a variety of options. This functionality will also enable individualised self-service to clients without needing a large labour expenditure or human agents.

Set alerts/reminders 

Regardless of developments in phone technology, many organisations have failed to modify their systems to deal with mass communication via the phone line. Text to speech allows you to modify the pronunciation, volume, text emphasis, and speech tempo depending on the situation. You can easily send automated reminders or alerts for the due dates, appointments and events. Your customers will easily understand your products through that. Additionally, you can adjust the pitch to control the voices.

Enhance your business with Text to Speech solutions

As a result of the preceding points, you will be able to comprehend the greatest features and benefits of the text to speech solution. You can contact Knowlarity, the top cloud communication service provider, for a high-quality text-to-speech solution. Obtain a dependable and profitable TTS solution from Knowlarity to help you grow your business.

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