How to Use Pinterest to Increase Business Traffic and Sales

For businesses, driving engagement and traffic from your target audience on social media has become increasingly difficult. However, unlike other platforms, Pinterest is distinct in that it is a visual discovery engine. Pinterest for business combines the rich audience interactions of social media platforms with the traffic-driving power of a visual search engine.

Pinterest, in fact, drives more traffic to shopping websites than Facebook. Over 83 percent of weekly Pinterest users (Pinners) have purchased products from brands they discovered on the platform. And 72 percent of Pinners say Pinterest inspires them to buy even when they don’t intend to.

So, what is the key to unlocking this wealth of sales-driving and traffic-boosting potential? Creating eye-catching content that encourages Pinners to save, share, click through to your destination, and purchase. That’s where Adobe Creative Cloud Express comes in—your one-stop shop for branded social media content. Adobe Creative Cloud Express is now an official Pinterest Partner in the creative category, and we’re here to help you create best-in-class content that will connect you with 335 million monthly active Pinners. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about using Pinterest for business and creating winning Pins!

What Exactly Is a PIN?

Before we dive into Pinterest marketing strategies that will have users sharing your Pins for days, you should first understand what a Pin is. Pins are posts on Pinterest that are similar to “tweets” on Twitter. Pins are distinct in that they always include a photograph. While not required, they typically include a title, description, and a website link, making each Pin an excellent opportunity to drive traffic to your website, product pages, blog posts, and more.

Every Pinterest Pin is saved to a Pinterest board. Boards are collections of related Pins that you curate and that other users can follow on your Pinterest profile. An interior designer, for example, may create a board dedicated to home decor, furniture, bedrooms, or living rooms.

When you share a Pin, it will appear on multiple boards, not just your own. It will also appear in the home feeds of your Pinterest followers, just as your connections’ LinkedIn posts appear in your LinkedIn feed. Based on the description of your Pin, it may even appear in the news feeds of Pinners who have expressed an interest in similar content, or in relevant Pinterest search results.

When a user sees your post, they have the option to “repin” it. Repinning is a share that allows your post to be seen by their followers as well. Pinterest Pins are also indexed by Google, so each new Pin represents a significant opportunity to expand your business’s reach.

Pins Designing: Best Practices to Understand

If you’re not a designer, you might be wondering how you’ll create attention-grabbing graphics. Even if you’re not a trained designer, Adobe Creative Cloud Express makes it incredibly simple to create great content for Pinterest. Begin with one of the thousands of templates and easily customize the content to make it your own. When creating visuals for your Pinterest page, keep these design tips in mind.

  1. Use a large easy-to-read type. Make it clear in your headline or use the curiosity gap to entice people to click. In either case, you want to make sure your Pin stands out.
  2. Aspect ratio vertical images are ideal for Pinterest. Using Adobe Creative Cloud Express’s AI-powered resize feature, you can quickly resize for the platform. Simply find a template you like, tap the resize button, select Pinterest, and watch it adapt the content automatically.
  3. Always use high-quality graphics and photos, especially for the cover photos of your boards. These are effective tools for increasing brand recognition. Make sure they use your brand colors and aren’t pixelated so that every new board you create is full of high-quality, on-brand designs. When using photography, keep composition and backgrounds in mind—having too much going on takes the focus away from your intended message.
  4. Insert text into your Pinterest graphics. Unlike other social media platforms, photos with text perform better on Pinterest. It makes it easier for people to understand your content and gives them more reasons to Pin the images you post, which is exactly what you want when using Pinterest for business.
  5. Brand your Pins by including your logo, fonts, and colors in the design. With Adobe Creative Cloud Express’s powerful branding capabilities, this is a breeze—just create your brand once and apply it to any piece of content with a single tap.

Pin Like a Pro: The Content Strategy

Great graphics are only one part of the equation. Your keywords and content relevancy are the true secret sauce of this platform for all business owners, from bloggers to retailers. To fine-tune your Pinterest strategy, keep the following best practices in mind.

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

Think carefully about what you Pin! Before you begin Pinning, you should define the keywords you want to rank for so that your Pins appear for the right people. Because Pinterest pins are indexed by Google and searchable, great keywords are essential for posts on this platform.

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