How To Use Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser Safely & Effectively

‍Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are available in many different concentrations, depending on how strong you want to go. Depending on your needs, you should look for a hand sanitizer that is at least 12% alcohol concentration. This is the concentration found in hand sanitizers with neutral detergent solutions (NDs). A better choice would be one that has an alcohol concentration of at least 16%. The reason for this is that higher concentrations result in a foamy product and are more likely to leave behind residue than lower concentrations. If you follow these steps, using an alcohol rub sanitizer will help keep your hands clean and safe.

Read The Directions On The Bottle

Most alcohol-based hand sanitizers come with easy-to-read directions on the bottle. Read the bottle carefully and follow directions exactly, or you may risk damaging your hands. It’s important to understand that an alcohol-based hand sanitizer works by creating suds when you wash your hands. This means that the more water you use, the less effective the sanitizer will be. The best way to wash your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer is to use a soap (not a cleanser). Soaps are meant to clean, not sanitize. This means that they won’t get the majority of the dirt and germs on your hands, but only a trace amount of them will be removed. A better choice is a natural soap. Natural soaps don’t contain chemicals and are best for sensitive skin types. 

Use A Quality Sanitizer

When deciding which sanitizer to use, you should look for one that is rated “high pressure” or “high flow”. This means that it has the ability to remove more bacteria and viruses from your hands than standard sanitizers. However, be aware that quality vs.terness can vary from product to product, making it hard to know which one you should use. Some products also have a “low pressure” rating, which is best for soft-water areas or when dealing with a small number of bacterial infections.

Topping off a high-quality sanitizer is important because you should use it twice a day, preferably with a moisturizer. If you’re not using a moisturizer, it will affect the rate at which your hands dry and will result in skin cells staying on your hands longer than they should.


When you first get your hands on a new hand sanitizer, you should wash your hands well in the beginning so that any bacteria present on your hands is exposed to the sanitizer. Once you start using a product, you should wash your hands again, at least 30 minutes after you stop using it. It’s important to wash your hands well before you use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer so that any bacteria present on your hands is killed by the sanitizer.To make sure that you’re clean and safe when you use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, you should wash your hands well before you handle any food or drink. Following the above steps will ensure a safe usage

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