How to Download Instagram Profile Picture


Profile photos are the most captivating features of one’s profile sometimes someone like the profile pictures so much that they instantly want to zoom in but unfortunately the Instagram app does not provide any such functions rather unlike other social platforms where a profile picture is instantly enlarged upon clicking the picture.

However, there are certain ways that can be used to download the profile photos of people or even your profile photos in case you have lost access to your DP that only had one copy. Here’s how you can do it:

Download Instagram profile pictures using websites

There are certain online downloaders present on the internet that can be used to download the Instagram profile pictures of users who have public and private profiles.


Insta Zoom website is one of the finest downloads available on the internet. It is easy, simple, and reliable that does the job in a few seconds. You can use it in the following manner:

  • Open the Instagram app and search for the intended user. Once you find the user copy their username to the clipboard
  • Use your default browser to go to the InstaZoom website. Search it ok Google and select the first result that appears on the Search page
  • Put the username in the box and select the user from the drop-down menu
  • Hit the ‘Zoom’ button
  • Then press the Profile pictures downloader button
  • The searched profile pictures will come up in HD format
  • Use the download button to save the Instagram profile pictures on your desktop or smartphone.

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Instazoomer is another best downloader that can also be used to download the profile pictures. It is used to download and enlarge Instagram profile pictures in HD format. The InstaZoomer is free to use it does not require any unnecessary accounts to run the operations instead you only need to put the username in the box and press enter to reveal the results of an enlarged Instagram profile picture.

Does It Save The User History?

The best thing about these downloaders is that they maintain the privacy of their users and do not save the history so there is no chance of any user getting exposed. So, everyone can easily use the downloader without anyone getting exposed.


The Instagram profile pictures downloaders are free to use but still, some precautions must be kept in mind before using them.

  • Have enough memory to save the Instagram profile pictures on your smartphone. If you don’t have enough space then create some by manually deleting the files. If you don’t have enough space then the photos won’t be stored on your smartphone
  • Double-check the user before downloading their profiles because the Instagram profile pictures downloaders do not reveal your identity but if you use their profile pictures elsewhere without their consent they might end up reporting you
  • Don’t fall for bots or spyware because some identical-looking websites took advantage when you mistype them and instead you end up downloading a virus on your computer or smartphone

Why Cannot Enlarge Instagram Profile Pictures?

The Instagram profile pictures are just thumbnail-sized pictures that can be viewed just in a circle-shaped icon. It is hard to comprehend the Profile picture that is too small and blurry to view it is because all the Meta platforms are functioning on more than a billion users and they need enough server powers to run the platform. In order to keep their servers from overheating the Instagram, profile pictures are squeezed to the minimum quality and for that same reason, they cannot be downloaded as well.

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The InstaZoom website is the downloader you need to enlarge and download full-size Instagram profile photos. It not only downloads profile pictures in HD format but it also works for the private accounts that are locked.

Gone are those troublesome times when people have to sit and screenshot the profiles just to zoom in the photo to view the profile pictures but it was of no need because the scattered pixels and resolution make it very hard to view hence the profile pictures downloaders are needed to serve the purpose.

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