How can I score more than 90% in Inter Exam?

Intermediate students who want to achieve the greatest grades possible on their annual exams are constantly concerned about their percentages. The student’s life is at its most essential stage at this time. Every student wants to perform better on their final examinations to pass. However, some of them aim to achieve marks of greater than 90%. Finding the right answer about “how to perform well in exams” is not always simple and could not be found easily. However, this article will give you some study ideas and techniques that will assist students in properly studying for exams and earning high exam scores.

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Intermediate students should develop a study plan beforehand. They can use different strategies to earn more than 90 percent marks in their finals. If you are in the search of tips to get more than 90 percent marks then keep reading this article. You can easily find out various strategies to achieve the highest scores from this article.

  • Keep positive attitude
  • Make a group of toppers
  • Take breaks
  • Challenge yourself
  • Locate your weak points
  • Create Your Own Study Notes
  1. Keep Positive Attitude

Success comes from having an optimistic mindset. Students that approach their preparation with a positive outlook will have no trouble preparing for the exams. They are aware of the initial step. They are aware that by maintaining a positive attitude, they can make challenging situations easier. Maintaining a positive attitude boosts your energy and keeps you focused on the exam. Having a positive attitude makes your mind relax. It can help you in remembering things. It can help you in focusing on your learning.

Tips to Develop a Positive Attitude Towards Study.

To maintain a positive attitude towards your study for achieving the highest scores in the 1st year result 2022 Lahore board, read the outlined points. Here are some of the tips that you can follow.

  • Do not set your mindset for failure.
  • Make an effort to find the good in every situation.
  • Speculate about any generalizations.
  • You don’t have to feel the same way someone else does.
  • Negative circumstances are sometimes beyond your control, but you can always alter your attitude toward them.
  • Keep your eye on the achievement.
  1. Make a group of toppers

Group study is effective for the students. You can get the point easily in which you are weak. Before making a group, make sure that every student needs to take the highest marks. They are found to achieve success. By making a group, you can resolve the problems. Before starting your preparation, manage your time properly. Select a place where you can all sit together for study purposes. Ask the questions from one another. Revise your topics and ask your friends to listen. This method of study will help you in gaining more knowledge and increase your chances of success.

  1. Take breaks

Taking breaks during your preparation is very important. If you are studying for 3 hours, you should take a break for at least 1 hour.  Continuing to study can damage your physical health. You can suffer from illness and cannot be able to achieve 90 % marks in your 2nd year result. You should not think about or feel stressed about your exams throughout your “break.” Your mind is not taking a rest if you utilize the break to discuss the course material with friends or organize your upcoming study session. The following round of studying won’t be as productive if your mind does not relax.

After taking a break, eat healthy food. Try to spend your time with your family. Sleep properly in a break. It will help you restart your preparation.

How to Utilize a Break?

To utilize your break while studying, here are some tips that you can adopt.

  • Never spend more than an hour in your study.
  • Go outside for a walk.
  • Play a game, it will change your mind from one thing.
  • Do exercise.
  • Sleep properly to release your stress.
  • Change where to study.
  • Spend time with your friends.
  • Cook some healthy meals.
  • Listen to music out loud.
  1. Challenge yourself

Students can succeed in the 1st year result 2022 Lahore board when they challenge themselves to study. Keep motivating yourself. Make a plan and stick to it. You should challenge yourself in a way that where to start your preparation and where to end. If you are revising a topic, do not get up from your place until you complete it. We have also included some of the techniques for pushing yourself to stay on point. By attentively reading it, you can adopt them.

  • Do not leave from where you start.
  • Do not let the task go until tomorrow.
  • Make an effort to comprehend your learning style better.
  • Never doubt your capabilities.
  • Concentrate on the current work.
  1. Locate your weak points

This is the most essential thing while studying. Your weak concepts should be noted so that you can work on them regularly with the other subjects. Make it a habit to include the challenging subjects in your study schedule so that you won’t feel the strain in the end. Like if you struggle with math, chemistry, and physics you could be scared of them and try to avoid them as much as you can. Moreover, once you are aware of the concepts you need to improve, ask your friends for assistance or consult your teachers for advice daily. Take extra classes. Hire some tutors at home to resolve the conflicts.

  1. Create Your Own Study Notes

Creating your own notes for the study purpose is effective. Students who want to earn more than 90 % marks should prepare their own notes. When you make your own notes and summaries for exams, you can remember them for a longer period. Make sure to include all pertinent topics and diagrams in your notes as you create them. It is to be remembered that your handwriting must be good while making your notes. It will assist you in learning.

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