Guaranteed Strategies to Pass the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam 

Microsoft’s learning programs constantly evolve to help you and your career keep up with developing IT settings. The newly revised role-based Microsoft certifications will assist you in staying current with today’s business needs.

The Microsoft AZ-104 certification is a role-based certification aimed at individuals who manage cloud services such as storage, security, networking, and computing cloud capabilities. The test will assess your technical abilities in implementing solutions based on various scenarios. The exam is designed for those with prior experience managing, building, and monitoring a Microsoft Azure system.

Microsoft suggests that test candidates have at least six months of Azure experience and an understanding of Azure workloads, services, security, and governance. You should also be familiar with PowerShell and the CLI.

What are the benefits of taking the Microsoft AZ-104? 

With Microsoft’s stronghold on the personal computer operating system industry, most users will be familiar with the Windows operating system. A Microsoft certification holds much value in the IT industry; Microsoft Azure certifications increase professional reputation. One of the most sought-after Microsoft certifications is the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate. All it requires is passing just one exam – the AZ-104.

Once you crack the AZ-104, you will be equipped to become an Azure Administrator, a key function in any global corporation. With a Microsoft Cloud certification, you can collaborate with a team of skilled experts and engineers that understand how to use cloud computing services to improve company operations and enhance performance. 

What to expect during the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam? 

This Microsoft Azure certification targets applicants who desire to advance their careers in the Microsoft Azure domain. Thus, the exam tests competence in developing, administering, and monitoring a Microsoft Azure infrastructure for a company.

The exam itself has five sections:

1. Manage Azure Identities and Governance: This section comprises  15-20% of the exam. It is further divided into  

  • Manage Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) objects, 
  • Manage role-based access control (RBAC), and  
  • Manage subscriptions and governance 

2. Implement and Manage Storage: This section also makes up about 15-20% of the exam. 

3. Further divisions include:  Its subdivisions are:

  • Secure storage,  
  • Manage storage, and 
  • Configure Azure files and Azure blob storage 

4. Deploy and Manage Azure Compute Resources: This section amounts to about 20-25% of the exam, and it is segmented into 

  • Automate deployment of virtual machines (VMs) by using Azure Resource Manager templates, 
  • Configure VMs, 
  • Create and configure containers, and 
  • Create and configure Azure App Service 

5. Configure and Manage Virtual Networking: This is the largest section of the exam, accounting for around 25-30% of the total exam. It is divided into  

  • Implement and manage virtual networking, 
  • Secure access to virtual networks, 
  • Configure load balancing, 
  • Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking, and  
  • Integrate an on-premises network with an Azure virtual network 

6. Monitor and Back-Up Azure Resources: This is the final section of the exam and the smallest as it comprises 10-15% of the exam. its segments are: 

  • Monitor resources by using Azure Monitor, and 
  • Implement backup and recovery 

The exam itself is 120 minutes, with 40 to 60 questions. You must score a minimum of 700 out of 1000 points to pass the exam. The Azure certification cost is USD 165 or ₹4800 INR. Pearson VUE conducts the exam.

Do Azure Certifications Expire? 

Yes, Azure certifications do expire. Role-based or speciality certifications, such as Azure certifications, have one-year validity. However, within six months of your certification expiring, you can renew it for another year for free. 

Tips on How to Crack the AZ-104 

The following is a list of recommendations to help you prepare better for the AZ-104 examination and earn a high score. Consider the following ideas for a strong exam score:

1. Browse Through the Website & Learn About the Exam 

Examine the Microsoft certification webpage. You will find essential materials, including specific subtopics you must study. In addition, the  website provides critical details about the exam and free and paid resources to study for it. Go through the syllabus topics and understand what you need to study. Read the exam objectives thoroughly and ensure that your reading corresponds to the objectives, as all questions on the AZ-104 exam are entirely on the basis of what Microsoft has instructed applicants to understand. The AZ-104 test objectives will also assist you in identifying the important areas where you should focus your efforts. 

2. Online Training  

Microsoft Azure certification training is available on the Koenig website. The online training comprises a collection of modules to practice the skills tested in the exam.

Microsoft also provides instructor-led, paid courses to help prepare for the exam. In addition, a qualified trainer walks the candidates through the whole process.  

In addition, you can opt for self-paced studies with the help of online videos and websites, reference books, and practice tests.  

3. Discussion Boards and Online Study Groups 

Make contact with others studying for the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 test through online forums or discussion groups. Whether you’re just beginning or in the middle of revising, you may share your expertise with the community and benefit from their experience on certain issues.

4. Give Yourself Enough Time to Prepare 

The AZ-104 is not a simple exam. Give yourself adequate time to study for it and revise thoroughly. The exam tests skills and experience in addition to theoretical knowledge. Employ the help of practice tests to revise as well as understand the format of the exam.

Overall, you will need substantial preparation for the Microsoft AZ-104 certification test. That is why you must efficiently allocate time and prepare for it. Then, use the preparation alternatives that will ensure your success. Ultimately, you’ll be well-prepared and confident in passing the Microsoft AZ-104 test.

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