Get the Marxists out of education

I’m a retired teacher and continue to be interested in education. I just read Pete Hegseth’s “Battle for the American Mind.” It presents a lot of history I have not heard before. 

Hegseth covers a concept called paideia (pie-day-ah) which means the rearing and education of children. He explains how it led to the culture of ancient Greeks being able to think for themselves and enjoy the pursuit of divine truth.

Hegseth’s book details a history of cultures and their impact on America: the Western Christian Paideia, the American Progressive Paideia and the current Cultural Marxist Paideia. 

Hegseth’s paideia thesis along with an accounting of other factors (power of teacher unions, Supreme Court decisions, Common Core’s federalization of education and acceptance of exiled Marxists’ social justice agenda) give the reader insight into what has happened in our country and why Marxists have a hold over us now. 

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Hegseth advocates a solution to the crazy reality-denying theories gripping America today: a restoration of the Western Christian Paideia and classical Christian education that cultivates it.

Hegseth’s idea already has been initiated.  In the 2021-22 school year, more than 60,000 students attended more than 300 classical Christian schools in 44 states. Expansion is planned.

Saving America from Marxists may come through schools as progressives used schools to lead to Marxism. Will this be the solution that wins the battle for the future we want for our kids and grandkids?

Whatever it takes, I pray to God we win!


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