Drink Panch Tulsi Water Every Morning

Tulsi is a well-known herb for its incredible medicinal properties and health benefits for the human body. It is a traditional and ayurvedic herb that has been used for thousands of years. In India, every house has its tulsi plant. Drinking and having tulsi delivery has a number of health benefits to the body. 

To boost the healthy benefits, panch tulsi was introduced into the market. As it is cleared by its name, panch means five and tulsi means basil. i.e types of tulsi. Panch Tulsi drops is an ayurvedic ark that contains five types of tulsi leaves. There are many types of tulsi available in the world. Some of them are Rama Tulsi, Shyama Tulsi, Kala Tulsi and many more. The fragrance and taste of panch tulsi are more effective and strong. Drinking panch tulsi water in the early morning gives you a better start for the day. The antioxidant and minerals from the five kinds of tulsi help to flush out the toxins and unwanted particles from the body and clean the stomach and improve digestion. Likewise, there are a number of benefits linked to drinking the panch tulsi water every morning. Let’s know about some of the benefits of the panch Tulsi drops.

Healthy Respiratory System: Tulsi is famous for its healthy respiratory system. It helps to clean the airways as well as make mucus fluid. Having warm tulsi water in the morning gives better results, especially in the winter seasons. Warm Tulsi water is also effective for the mobilise phlegm to relieve problems such as bronchitis and asthma. Many doctors and professionals also suggest adding tulsi to their water and tea when they have respiratory problems. If you have the flu, cold, or fever, you must try it for quick recovery.

Better Digestive system: Tulsi is also known as a digestive plant from old times. For people who have upset, unhealthy, stomach aches, it is good to have tulsi water or tulsi tea. There are many digestive problems that are solved by it like eliminating excess gas, reducing stomach ache, increasing metabolism and digestive process, reducing swelling, stimulating urination as well as balancing the intestinal flora in the stomach. If you have a menstrual stomach ache, then you should add tulsi water to feel better.

Hydrate The Body: It is important to have a lot of water to keep hydrating the body. Having a beverage in the morning helps the body to hydrate throughout the body. When you replace your morning beverages with panch tulsi water, boost the morning. It is not just water that fulfils the requirements of water but also gives vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the body. It is healthier than having tea, coffee or any other beverage. With hydration, tulsi water is also good for stimulating urination. It removes the discomfort from the urine problem too.

Relieve stress and tension: A cup of tea, coffee or any hot beverage helps to relieve the emotional stress and tension. That is why, in the old times, tea or hot milk was used to drink in the morning. Tulsi has antidepressant properties that work more effectively. Having tulsi water in the morning reduces mental stress and makes the body relax and calm. It is a very great idea to add tulsi leaves in your hot beverages or have tulsi water in the morning.

Relieves Headache: Tulsi has anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective to reduce inflammation and reduce minor headaches for the body. Having panch tulsi water helps to reduce headaches. If you used to have a morning headache, then it is perfect for you to add war tulsi water. In addition, tulsi is also good to boost blood circulation in the body. Having great blood circulation would help provide relief, even in case of headaches. Add panch tulsi water to your routine from tomorrow. 

How to prepare panch tulsi water

First, you have to bring panch tulsi drops from the market. Buy panch tulsi drops online or offline, just make sure to choose a well-known brand for better quality. When you wake up in the morning, boil a glass of water and mix 4-5 drops of panch Tulsi drops. There is no need to give it a proper boil. Consume lukewarm panch tulsi water. If you do not have panch tulsi drops, instead you have fresh or dried tulsi leaves from different categories, you can also prepare tulsi water with them. Boil a glass of water, add fresh or dried tulsi leaves and keep it at low flame. After 10-20 minutes, stir it and drink it. It is important to give it a boil this time. So, the power of tulsi leaves dissolves in the water. 

Note: It is always good to prepare fresh panch tulsi drops every day. 

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