Digital printing on plastic pouches: Popularity of stand-up pouches  

A few years ago, stand-up pouches were used to package beverages meant for children. However, these days, they have gained immense popularity and are used for different types of products. It includes crisps, microwavable meals, laundry detergents, pet food, etc. The list is quite comprehensive and it is not surprising, especially if its benefits are taken into consideration. Both manufacturers and consumers enjoy the benefits. 

Reasons why the world prefers stand-up pouch packaging

Printed pouch manufacturers are gaining lots of orders from product manufacturers. The entire world seems to have embraced digitally printed stand-up pouches. A few reasons are given below for its increasing popularity.

  • Offer great barriers: These pouches comprise multiple layers. Hence, they act as excellent barriers. They do not allow moisture, oxygen, and UV light from penetrating the product. Besides this, it is easy to produce BPA-free pouches without spending a fortune. It is for this reason, that a good number of products can be packed in these pouches with extended usage dates.
  • Retail-ready packaging: Such packages can be termed to be quite eye-catchy. It allows designers to come up with creative, attractive graphics packaging. They can draw consumers’ attention almost immediately as no secondary packaging is designed for free standing up on the shelves. This means, that stand-up pouches can effectively check all boxes, especially when shelf readiness is concerned. 
  • Many seals are involved in this packaging: Stand-up pouches can be termed to be quite versatile when sealing is concerned. For example, they are heat sealable. This means it can be used for developing tamper-evident seals. Reclosable zippers or tear notches can be opted by manufacturers for tear notches. The seals assure that package is in new condition and not tampered with. 
  • Helps save precious money: The fact is these pouches are designed to be lightweight, thus taking very little room for stacking. Hence, the shipping cost involved is quite less when compared to bottles, cans, and jars. Moreover, digital printing on plastic pouches enhances its look and involves very less investment. At the same time, its attractive quotient is increased manifolds. 

Custom stand-up pouches

With the above benefits, it is quite natural for manufacturers to consider using stand-up pouches for packing their products. It is equally possible to avail custom pouches to match product and company needs. This is what compels product manufacturers to switch to this form of packaging without much prompting. 

Seeking the top stand-up pouch manufacturer

If you are planning to switch your company’s packaging, then you need to select a reputed provider. The provider should have lots of experience to develop flexible solutions, customized to your specific brand and product. Also, there should be no compromise on the quality aspect. You should receive only superior product packaging solutions to meet your packing needs.

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