DGFT Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate for the shipper and exporter community may be used to securely sign on to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade Online Licence Filing Application and could be used to electronically sign the Licence Application Form, which is filled on the web. It ensures that the information is secure and shouldn’t be visible or changed by any unapproved individual. It will likewise enhance the reaction time taken while applying for a permit with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade(DGFT).

What are the advantages of utilizing DGFT Digital Certificates?

A Digital Signature Certificate can be utilized to electronically sign any record or exchange. It guarantees that the information is gotten and isn’t seen or adjusted by any unapproved individual. It will likewise enhance the reaction time taken while applying for a permit with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Advanced Signature Certificates given by a legitimate Indian carter bookkeeper hold great in an official courtroom in agreement to the Indian Information Technology Act 2000.

There are more Advantages of Utilizing Digital signatures for DGFT.

1. Cost Savings

2. Less Paperwork

3. Security

4. Classification, Integrity, and Non-Repudiation

For what cause accomplish I need a Digital Signature Certification?

An advanced Signature declaration (DSC) gives an electronic method for demonstrating your character. It additionally gives an undeniable degree of safety for online exchanges. You can utilize declarations to scramble data so just the beneficiary can understand it. You can carefully sign data to give confirmation that the beneficiary has not been adjusted on the way, and permit check that really sent the message.

How to accomplish Digital Signature Work?

Advanced Signature Certificate, in straightforward terms, is a record made by a Licensed Certifying Authority through encryption and is then given to you, in the USB eToken. While marking a specific record this document is accessed, which behaves like a ‘key’ (Private Key) and locks and gets the report being endorsed (through encryption). [This is like involving a key in an actual lock to get your resources in bank storage – a lock must be opened by its own key].

As well as locking the record being marked, this document likewise adds a Digital Certificate to it containing your personality subtleties, viz. name, Organisation’s name, email ID, and so on.

It additionally adds a key code (known as an open key) which is the very key that dwells in the ensuring authority server, along these lines permitting the other party to approve the validity of your DSC. As opposed to a prevalent misconception, the DSC doesn’t contain a checked duplicate of your actual mark.


  • Cost Savings.
  • DGFT has stretched out appealing Monetary Incentives adding up to half waiver on permit charges for those Exporters and Importers utilizing Safe EXIM to cooperate online with DGFT.
  • Utilization of Safe EXIM additionally decreases administrative work significantly for the client, accordingly cutting down related costs.
  • Diminished Turnaround time by the DGFT for permit issuance.
  • Comfort.
  • Security.
  • Login to the DGFT gateway utilizing Safe EXIM I is undeniably safer than utilizing a client ID/Password-based framework. Nobody can imitate you or your association on the web.

Why Passwords are unreliable?

  • Classification of the exchange is guaranteed.
  • The honesty of data submitted online is ensured.
  • Your information can’t be altered, which thus cuts down any amazing open doors for misrepresentation at any stage.
  • Carefully marked applications guarantee Non-Repudiation, subsequently carrying Trust and Confidence into the whole web-based insight.


  • Safe EXIM can be utilized exclusively by an Exporter or Importer enlisted with the DGFT in India.
  • It isn’t available to any outsider.
  • Any individual from an EXIM association who is approved to execute with DGFT for the benefit of the association or sign any reports that should be submitted to the DGFT can utilize Safe EXIM.

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