Artificial Intelligence in Neurology Market 2021 – Recent Trends Company Portfolio, Sales, Share, Segments, New Opportunity, Types, Size, Cost, Outlook 2026

The research study given in this report provides a thorough and insightful examination of the  Artificial Intelligence in Neurology Market including its competitiveness, segmentation, dynamics, and geographic progression. The research examines the numerous factors that are driving or hindering the market, as well as the variables that will help the market grow at a promising CAGR in the future. The report contains a wealth of information on a variety of topics, all of which are important. Regional demographics are also covered in the study, which contain qualitative and quantitative data about the regions, which are further separated into nations, and which are expected to contribute to market growth between 2021 and 2026.

Understanding Covid-19 Impact:

The long-term effects of the pandemic are predicted to have an impact on industry growth in the next years. MarkNtel Advisors is continuously improving the research strategy to ensure that core COVID-19 concerns and potential solutions are addressed. This study evaluates the revenue growth potential, market characteristics, consumer trends, and supply and demand conditions of each geographic location.

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Segmentation & Regional study:

The attractiveness of the regional market, industry trends in various regions, sales analysis, and market segmentations are all clarified in this portion of the report. Discussed market segments are:

Market Divided into, By Indication






–Other Neuro-technology Indications


–Functional Neurosurgery


Market Divided into, By Application

-Screening & Diagnosis


-Research & Development


-Surgical Planning and Rehabilitation


Market Divided into, By Type




-Traumatic Brain Injury

-Spinal Cord Injury

Market Divided into, By Technology

-Machine Learning and Deep Learning

-Natural Language Processing (NLP)

-Others (Context Aware Computing, Computer Vision)

Market Divided into, By Components



Market Divided into, By End-User


-Diagnosis Centers

-Others (Surgical Center, Research Center, Clinic)

The regional and country-level growth of Artificial Intelligence in Neurology Market is analysed, as well as sales (consumption) analysis and volume forecasts by each segment for the years 2021-2026.

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Extrapolations Covered in the Artificial Intelligence in Neurology Market Report:

-Research into changing competitive market dynamics 

-Latest opportunities and risks, as well as past and prospective trends

-Analysis of geographic distribution and competitive landscape for a better understanding

-Key drivers, newest development trends, new product/ service releases, and other critical topics are included in the research.

-A statistical analysis of market size, share, and revenue to gain a better knowledge of the present state of the market.

The following is a list of the major firms featured in the market research report:

Based on the business profiles and efforts to raise the product value and production, the study investigates the competitive market climate of the following companies-

-ActivSurgical Inc.

-Brainomix Limited

-Caresyntax Corp

-DeepOR S.A.S

-ExplORer Surgical Corp.

-Holo Surgical Inc.

-LeanTaaS Inc.

-Medtronic Plc

-Scalpel Limited

-Theator Inc.


The research report contains a comprehensive set of data on the market under consideration. A group of experts prepared, processed, and presented information gathered from diverse sources using various methodological techniques and analytical tools such as SWOT analysis. The report also follows key players in the Artificial Intelligence in Neurology Market latest partnerships, mergers, research and development, and collaborations. 

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Why should you purchase this report?

-Market size is examined using in-depth qualitative analysis, verifiable statistics from reliable sources, and projections.

-The report was developed using a combination of primary and secondary sources, and the projections are based on a well-known research technique. The primary research consists of interviews, observation, questionnaires of renowned industry personnel.

-In this study, the Ansoff Matrix and Porter’s five forces model are utilized to conduct a thorough market analysis.

-The study also contains information on the industry’s regulatory environment, which will assist stakeholder in making an informed decision. The study goes over the primary regulatory agencies as well as the major rules and regulations that have been established on this industry across various locations.

-The research also includes a competition analysis utilizing the analyst’s proprietary competitive positioning tool, the Positioning Quadrants.

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