7 reasons why you should swim regularly

1.Swimming isn’t as complicated as we think it is

Do you think that going swimming is too strenuous? It doesn’t have to be that way: It depends on the right planning. You can pack the sports bag the night before – and once you take it with you to university or work, there is a higher probability that you will actually go to the pool or go to the lake after work. Incidentally, this is also an advantage of swimming: you can practice the sport wherever there is water. When you later spend your vacation by the sea, you’re already trained. However, make sure that you do not endanger yourself when you go to the lake with lifeguard course near me.

  1. You don’t have to start swimming alone
    If you swim with others, you can have even more fun during your workout. Especially if your swimming motivation is rather moderate, a swimming partner is an advantage. He or she can drag you along. At a moderate pace, you can still have a good conversation and you probably won’t even notice how many lanes you’ve already covered. Your training partner does not necessarily have to be a friend: many dogs also like to swim and are happy about the exercise. You are also doing your family dog ​​a favor by going to the water.
  2. Swimming is good for your body
    If you swim supine with the right technique, swimming is especially good for your back — and can help with back pain. But swimming does even more to your body: It strengthens your heart muscle, gets your circulation going and trains your lungs. Especially on summer days, it also offers welcome cooling and exercise when other sports are not possible. But be careful: You shouldn’t jump straight into the cold water, but wade in slowly and use your upper body and arms with water. This gives the body time to get used to the cool water.
  3. You clear your head in the water
    You not only feel the quasi-weightlessness in the water physically, but also mentally. When you’re diving underwater or concentrating on your swimming technique and getting into a rhythm, it’s easy to tune out everything around you. The head becomes free. Swimming may also help you organize your thoughts.
  4. Swimming trains the whole body
    You train your arms with the arm pull and your legs with the kick. When you swim the breaststroke, you also specifically train the inner and outer thighs. You train your back and abdominal muscles, i.e. the middle of your body, throughout the entire swim.
  5. You can sleep well
    Swimming can help you, especially if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. If you exhaust yourself swimming, you’ll be so exhausted afterwards that you’ll probably fall into bed exhausted and satisfied at night. If you also cycle to the swimming pool or lake, this effect is even greater.
  6. Training in the water is varied
    It doesn’t always have to be classic swimming training: the selection of sports courses in the water is large enough that you won’t get bored. Aqua jogging, sprint training, water aerobics, fitness courses: You learn new exercises everywhere. That way you won’t get bored and you stay motivated. Of course, you can also take a break in between and just let yourself drift.

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